Fitness Vs Crossfit

Fitness Vs Crossfit – my personal opinion on how both parties affect you psychological

The image on the left is 2 and a half years old, image on the right is from now. On image to the left I’m just finished competing in posing and 3 physical tests that are rowing, pullups and dips. On the right I’m just finished with a good mix of strength and high intensitets circle exercises.

In this text I shall not focus so very on what is best and blah blah, I will focus clean and cut on the psychology of two training where both demands that you lay down a lot of time, but that they have different end results.

First out I take fitness, short explained so is to compete in fitness about to stand on a scene, pose and be evaluated ift muscles, posing, radiance and a few strength moments in a total starving and broken body. The focus is that you’re going to lower your fat percent and best to hold on muscle mass, evnt go up into muscle mass before you compete. Under my own personal experience, I was in constant deficit in the last 3 months and entered either 1.400 calories or 2.700 calories. In other words, I didn’t have the energy or energy to perform at work, I freeze constantly, struggled with sleeping at night (lack of nutrition? I never felt good enough, there was always something that could get better, and development was never memorialized.

Number two is Crossfit, short explained so is crossfit about to challenge himself in all corporeal items as running, swimming, weight training, gymnastics, Olympic exercises and all together combined in different sessions. The focus here is to constantly develop itself, but that you get to know the mestringsfølelsen daily, evnt weekly. There’s so much different you can get better in, and you get stimulated body and koordinasjons their system on so many plan, all that’s amazing. You’re not defined by your own body weight, or how you pose, it’s just focus on how good you are as an athlete, and how hard you manage to push yourself.

What is my personal conclusion?
Yes, if you are interested in success in several aspects than just training, I mean that crossfit has extremely much overføringsverdi to life in general. While fitness unfortunately can make that the profits to other todos in life are partially low, or not present.

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